Luckenbill Family

Welcome to our Luckenbill Family website.  We have created this site in an effort to educate family members about our history as well as make available all of the information that we have gathered over the years which is A LOT!  As with any project it is a work in progress and we are striving to keep the site updated as best we can.  If you have any information, feedback or suggestions please feel free to contact us.  Most importantly please check our list of needed information under the family tree page to help us fill in some twigs that are missing from our family tree.  Learn about our genetic heart condition and view photos on our family roots page.  Contribute a recipe for our new cookbook we are creating or view already submitted recipes on our cookbook page.  A personal favorite is reading the past reunion minutes and see how things have changed from 1955 until now which are available on our reunion page.  So take a look around, we hope that you enjoy our site and have fun with it!  There is A LOT of interesting information here as our family has come a long long way.
1st Row - Katie (Kathryn) (on grass), 2nd Row - Leon & Esther (on grass), 3rd Row - Clara, Roy, Eura (sitting), 4th Row - Walter, Uncle Frank, Charles, James, Jonas, Paul (L to R) (standing), John, Florence & Mary not present